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The worst example I recall of praying presumptuously and acting like it was blessed boldness is the college student I mentioned in an earlier key. I don’t remember what we were praying about, but I remember his prayer. "Lord, in your word it says that if we ask anything according to your will that you hear us. In your word it says if two or three agree as touching anything, that it will be done. We know that this is your will. You know that we are more than two or three and we are in agreement. Now, by the authority of your word, we COMMAND you to..."

Have you ever heard anything more arrogant than presuming to command God while praying?

I think this is the worst example of arrogant prayer I ever heard. But does God think this is any worse than my own presumptuous prayers? I have, sadly more than once, taught a Bible study or even preached a sermon when I had not adequately prepared. I then prayed, "God, bless this Bible study or this sermon beyond my inadequate preparation." That is not a bad prayer. It is a good...

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