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A preacher tells how he was once entertained by a teacher and his wife who had two boys in their middle teens. He writes, "Immediately on entering, I felt the home atmosphere. They were evidently a fine Christian family. However, I noticed that the carpet in the living room was tattered, and that there were actually holes in it. Nevertheless, the family was without doubt self-respecting. Before I left, the mother told me a story that helped me to understand about the rug.

"She said that one day when she was ready to sweep and dust, half a dozen boys were in her home. 'Now,' she had said, 'you fellows will have to go out for a while for I have some things to do in the house this morning.'

"'But where shall we go?' they had asked.

"'How about your aunt's?' she then suggested to one.'

"'Do you think she would have us in her place? Not much!' the boy had replied.

"Then she said to another, 'Why don’t you go over to your house?' and he had answered quickly, 'Oh, Mother would never allow six of us in her fancy home!'

"A few more questions and she found that hers was the only place where the boys were allowed to come in at will and have fun. She confided that now they always gathered at her place, and that was why they would soon have to buy a new carpet.

"After hearing her story, her tattered rug was transformed in my estimation! It became to me the most beautiful one I had ever seen--for it was worn out in keeping and making good boys."

We all like to see a house that is neat and well cared for, but not at the expense of human values.

(From a sermon by Ajai Prakash, Modeling Moms, 5/5/2011)

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