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(NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Investors lost $1 trillion in the in the stock market Monday as the debt crisis in Europe, lackluster economic news and a downgrade to the U.S. credit rating spark fears of a double-dip recession.

Investors placed their wealth in the hands of a man made organization called the stock market but, is looking to the gov-ernment because, if the foundation fails to supply to the majority, then their investment would be shaky. Here is a quote from an expert: "Thus, there is every reason to believe that investors are reacting, not to fears of too much government debt, but to fears that the government might become unable to spend enough to do its part in maintaining the strength of this country. ..."

When we place our trust in Christ, should we worry that God would have enough strength to keep us? When we sin does that shake the foundation of our salvation?

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