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Sohio, the Alaskan subsidiary of Standard Oil of Ohio, drilled a well in the Beaufort Sea in 1983, hoping to tap a geological formation holding several billion barrels of oil. Instead, they hit water, and $120 million went a glimmering. The oil companies know the risk. They drill only after extensive soil samples and aerial photos offer substantial possibilities of success. Yet despite the precautions, geological formations that promise to break all records for oil or gas deposits break the bank instead. Such risks are considered acceptable, however, as a strike like the one contemplated would have repaid the investment many times over.

God has built energies, talents, and giftedness into every generation of Christians, in order that Christ’s mission can successfully be implemented. But does the will and personal commitment exist to do it? If we would invest energy, time, and expertise (with courage like) oil companies, (what would God accomplish with such daring and faithful followers?)

Source: (Hurley, V. (2000). Speaker’s sourcebook of new illustrations (electronic ed.) (69–70). Dallas: Word Publishers. From a sermon by Matthew Kratz, First Fruits, 5/27/2011)

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