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Pure Capitalism--that exists without a Christian influence--can become an empty shell. When Christianity is taken out of the picture of Capitalism...greed and selfishness take over.

Capitalism without Christianity can result in all kinds or evils.

You can end up with crooks like Bernie Madoff who steal vast amounts of money from investors, because they believe in Capitalism...but not in Christ.

You end up with large companies who misuse their workers and the environment because money is more important than anything. Capitalism is their god...not Christ.

You can end up with labor unions that care more about money and power than the workers they represent because they often believe in Capitalism rather than Christ.

You end up with workers who care nothing for whether their company they work for. They don’t care if it makes any money, or if it even survives - just so long as they get their large raises and better benefits they feel they deserve. They deserve the advantages of capitalism, but rarely want the restraints of Christ.

And you end up with politicians who see successful businesses, businessmen, and workers as a constant source of bigger and more intrusive taxes which in turn results in fewer jobs for the unemployed, because they feel government has a right to its share of capitalist pie.

You could go on and on and on complaining about the weaknesses of capitalism. But when you get right down to it, Capitalism’s greatest weaknesses are the same things that plague every aspect of our lives: Greed and...

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