Sermon Illustrations


A man in Ontario, Canada returned home one evening to find his more valuable and easily-fenced goodies stacked neatly beside the door. When the homeowner saw the living room was also spattered with blood, he feared the worst for his beloved house pet, a large African parrot. The parrot was alive, though in a nasty mood, and investigators determined that the blood in the room hadn’t come from the bird. The mystery was solved a short time later when police arrested a scratched, clawed, and thoroughly terrified burglar hiding nearby. The man told the cops he’d broken into the house, and the parrot -- who hadn’t batted an eye while he piled up his loot by the door -- suddenly attacked him. The suspect fled empty-handed when the parrot launched an all-out attack on his eyes. The man told police "I’d rather go to jail than face that bird again."


A woman walked into a convenience store in Belfry, Kentucky, pulled out a 25 caliber handgun, and demanded all the money from the cash register. AS The terrified clerk begged the robber not to shoot her, the suspect tried to calm the clerk’s fears by calling her by name and saying "I wouldn’t hurt you -- I graduated with you." She escaped after relieving the clerk of $110. When State police arrived at the store and interviewed the clerk, they sent an officer across the street to the high school that the clerk -- and the thief -- had graduated from. The clerk was able to pick out the suspect’s picture from the school’s yearbook, and police were able to make a quick arrest.


A night clerk at a convenience store in Kansas City, Missouri put tape over the store’s security cameras, removed the money from the cash register, and stashed it in a trash bin behind the store. The clerk then called police to report he had been robbed. The investigating officers didn’t take long to figure out the clerk was lying: the tape he had used on the security cameras was transparent masking tape, which meant the whole scam had been recorded on video.


A couple in Chula Vista, California went on a shoplifting spree at a local discount store, swiping a variety...

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