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Now I love a good storm on the ground but not while flying. Any good Airline Pilot will try to avoid thunderstorms like the plague. The rule is for every 1,000 feet in height the storm cell is that is how far you should avoid the storm. If the tops of the thunderstorm are 40,000 feet then you would avoid the storm by 40 miles. Turbulence can be quite severe outside the storm cell itself for quite a distance. I have not done much boating but I am sure that same fear would come about if you were caught out in the ocean or a large lake in a storm.

"Without Warning" this storm on the lake came up and the disciples were afraid to the point where they though they were gong to drown. All of us have had storm in our lives come without warning. My mom yesterday went to the doctor for a normal checkup and now she has to have 6 spots of skin cancer removed in a couple weeks. A mother and her two young children were coming home in a minivan when they got into an accident. The mothers back was broken and the two young children were taken to go home to be with Jesus.

If things have happened to you "Without Warning" you can start to live your life in fear of when the next event will take place. We are very much like the disciples. The above verse says that the waves "swept over the boat". This isn't a 30 foot fiberglass boat but a wooden boat. There are no life preservers and they are in the middle of a large lake. It isn't like they can go full throttle to...

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