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As you know our 12-year-old son Chase is autistic. I have introduced both our boys to a very intellectual series of programs called The Three Stooges. The problem with Chase being autistic is he can do a "Nuk Nuk" almost anywhere at anytime. So the slapstick has started at our house. I wish it was just our house.

We were at the Post Office the other day, and that is a place with no joy. Why does the Post Office bring the worst out in people? Well, here we are in line, and I am with Bryce and Chase. Everyone is looking at their watch and then looking up at the counter, as if to say, “What is taking people so long?" And forbid those people who try to talk about their entire life to the person behind the counter. Seriously!

So people are intense, impatient, and have no joy, plus they are quiet. Then Chase in his loud voice says, “Dad, when are we going to watch the Three Stooges? Nuk, Nuk, Whoop, Whoop,...

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