6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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Sometimes we want things we know is not God's will.

Jay Kesler wrote of a time when he caused an auto accident. He prayed that it did not happen, but it did.

I know how the young Jay Kesler felt. I've done things that I wanted to undo and said things that I wanted to "unsay." Things have happened that I wanted to have happened differently. I suspect many people know that feeling. Otherwise, why would "The Twilight Zone" have had episodes about people going back in time trying to change things? Why would there be movies about people going back in time and changing things? "Back to the Future" even had sequels. But as I study the Bible, I have noticed nothing that says changing the past is God's will.

Movies are not the only thing that express enticing desires that are not according to God's will. There are fairly tales about a genie in Aladdin's lamp or in a bottle. The latter even became a TV show in the 60's, "I Dream of Jeannie." The idea of a powerful person giving us anything we could possibly ask for is appealing.

I've read that, "If you give a pig and a child everything they want you will raise a good pig and a bad child." Giving people everything they want is not God's will.

Sometimes, it is easier to know what is not God's will.

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