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Do you really believe that being godly is great gain and not financial gain, but something that really matters and lasts? If you believed that, wouldn’t it change your life?

Most people believe that if you smoke, you’ll get lung cancer. Many of you quit smoking or never started because you didn’t want to get cancer...and that’s a good thing. Statistically, if you smoked two packs a day for fifty years, you have about a 1 in 10 chance of getting lung cancer. While there are other diseases that you are at a higher risk for because of smoking but at two packs a day, it’s a 10 percent chance of getting lung cancer. Yet most of us are petrified of getting lung cancer, so we don’t smoke.

The Bible promises, it doesn’t just say that it is a statistical chance, that "there is great gain in godliness." Most of us act like it’s an urban legend. We think it’s silly, even preposterous. How do I know?...

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