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I remember reading the story of a faithful but fairly poor Christian woman. She was always cheerful and smiling and excited about life. But she was so cheerful that a friend of hers decided she was too cheerful. She needed a dose of "reality" and perspective.

So the friend said to her, "I know you're always smiling and happy NOW, but your Pollyanna approach to life isn't realistic. I don't think you understand how hard life can get. I mean, just suppose, you got sick and were unable to work, or suppose your employer moved away or you lost your job. Or suppose..."

All of sudden the Christian lady stopped her friend, "Stop that! I never suppose. The Lord is my Shepherd, and I know I shall not want. You know, dear, it is all that supposing that makes YOU so miserable. Why don't you give up that 'supposing'...and just put your trust the Lord."

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