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We know our future includes a promise. But we do not know how to transition into that promise. Maybe ’not knowing’ is just an excuse – we just straight out refuse to take that next step. That’s because while we are in the present, we often permit the past to occupy and govern our emotions. We drag on baggages of guilt. We let past failures convince us that we can never succeed. Then we linger in self pity, feeling victimized and blaming history for robbing us of prosperity. We dwell in the old and refuse to grow in the new. We might even question whether we should have left the past behind, challenging the efforts of today, doubting the promise of tomorrow.

That was the way with the Israelites. 430 years of slavery under the Egyptians, their miseries and suffering believe it or not, seem preferable in times of – waiting. Then all of a sudden things looked comfortable and conformable. The enormity of how God brought them out was no contest to what used to be in their hearts – complacency in the midst of deprivation. They were in horrid condition but became so accustomed therefore the past became like a wound that itches and they keep scratching and never heal. A little inconvenience and a tiny test of food and water was enough to blame, to threaten and to defile the greatness of the...

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