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Of a Sister in faith losing her valuable purse and then miraculously recovering it.

Two years ago, the ladies of our Church went to buy some gifts in a busy market for Church widows and orphans during Christmas time. Mission accomplished, when they returned to the Church, one Sister in faith found out to her dismay that she had just left her purse in a busy parking lot. Praying fervently, the Women Fellowship members rushed back to the spot (good 4 kms away- during peak rush hour time it took them quite some time to arrive there) and lo and behold, there was that precious purse “unpicked”, safe and secure in the same, busy parking lot. Talk of Baby Moses being safe amongst hungry Crocodiles in River Nile! Now if I were to trumpet this “miracle” as an act of a prayer-answering God (Psalm 50:15) before an agnostic, he may most probably dismiss it as “a case of good fortune” but ponder for a moment, if this event (with all the details, including intricate ones’) had been prophesied and documented in a “Book”, a good 25 years before it actually took place, would my rationalist friend irrationally still attribute it to a case of “sheer luck or coincidence”? NO WAY! Ditto… with the case of Jesus’ life and all the associated Prophecies written hundreds of years before the Saviour arrived!

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