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On A practical level I really do like to garden, those of you who have listened to me preach for a while have probably heard me blather on about my vege garden, it’s looking great at present, I’ve got courgettes growing, tomatoes vines just starting to bear fruit, I’ve already harvested raspberries, lettuce, my peas are about a week away, leeks are running to seed, and I’ve given horseradish a go for the first time and in among it all Rochelle has planted some swan plants because we both enjoy seeing them demolished by caterpillars that become monarch butterfly’s.

Yesterday I harvested my garlic, I love the way this herb grows, you plant it on the shortest day and harvest it on the longest. In on the 20th of June (Southern Hemisphere) or there about and I was a little late getting it out, but only by about a week. A tip to the harvesting of garlic and any true bulb is to harvest the whole plant and allow the goodness all that energy that is stored in the stork and leaves to be drawn back into the bulb. Allow the tops to dry of before separating the stork from the useful bit. The new life in the bulb actually comes from the leafy bit, from the bit above it.

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