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After I had been a Christian for a while, I felt that I was being called ton the ministry. I figured that the Lord had made just about his biggest mistake by calling me. When I told Barbara about what I felt, I rejoiced when she told me that I couldn’t be a pastor because all pastors need to be able to sing. I dismissed the Lord’s call and began to enjoy my life.

The thing is that the Lord decided that just because I couldn’t sing wasn’t a good reason, and he went to work on me. Barbara and I talked to some other Christians whose job it was to offer guidance to those feeling the Call of the ministry. I began to study at home. It was very hard. When I had finished 3 1/2 years of a four-year study, the Lord began to tell me that I needed to go to college. Again I didn’t see how all this was going to work out, so once again we kind of didn’t say yes right away. Finally we went to college and I was able to complete a four-year degree with a double major in Bible in about 2 1/2 years. That was the Lord plan.

Here is the point that I want to make. Once we got on the Lord game plan everything fell into place.

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