Sermon Illustrations


Jim Cymbala tells an amazing story of one Sunday in his church: (Fresh Faith pp. 78-82)

During the choir anthem, Pastor Jim was touched by the words of one of the young men who was featured as a soloist during the song. As the song concluded, Pastor Jim was strongly prompted by the Spirit of God to suddenly change the church program and he asked the young man if he would share his testimony of how God has set him free from his addiction to crack cocaine. It was a powerful testimony given at the spur of the moment and at the conclusion Pastor Jim felt led to ask for an altar call. Dozens of people came forward and gave their lives to Christ.

Later on in the week a man called the church from Texas asking for the sheet music to that song they sang on Sunday. He told his story -- "My family and I were just on a visit to NY for the weekend. We have a nineteen-year-old son who has totally hardened to the things of the Lord. We brought him up to be a Christian, but he has drifted away in the opposite direction. We've been so concerned about him.

"On this trip we invited him enjoy the city with us...but our real plan was to bring him on Sunday to your church...on Sunday we were getting ready for church when we realized that we wouldn't be able to stay for the whole thing -- or else we'd miss our flight home. son probably wasn't going to hear the message...but then early in the service, out of nowhere -- [Pastor Jim] walked up on the stage and started to share the Gospel. Suddenly my son was standing up with the others and heading for the altar! He just broke down before the Lord calling out for God for forgiveness. When he came back to the seat, he was a different person."

God changed the whole meeting that afternoon just for the sake of one nineteen-year-old boy! What is the Lord prompting in YOUR heart today? Listen to Him!

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