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There was a farmer who had three sons: Jim, John, and Sam. No one in the family ever attended church or had time for God. The pastor and church members tried for years to interest the family in the things of God, but to no avail.

Then one day, a rattlesnake bit Sam. The doctor did all he could to help Sam, but the outlook for his recovery was dim. So the pastor was called. He decided to draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith by praying:

"O wise and righteous Father, we thank Thee that in Thine wisdom thou didst send this rattlesnake to bite Sam. He has never been inside the church and it is doubtful that he has, in all this time, ever prayed or even acknowledged Thine existence. Now we trust that his experience will be a valuable lesson to him and will lead to genuine repentance. And now, O Father, wilt Thou send another rattlesnake to bite Jim, and another to bite John, and another really big one to bite the old man. For years we have done everything we know to get them to turn to Thee, but all in vain. It seems, therefore, that what all our combined efforts could not do, this rattlesnake has done. We thus conclude that the only thing that will do this family any real good is rattlesnakes. O Lord, send us bigger, and better rattlesnakes. Amen."

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