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A teacher set a cup on the table in front of his two disciples. He took a flask that had a little water in it and poured the water into the cups, evenly dividing all that was left. Trying to teach the students to be hungry for more knowledge, he said, "Your cup has water, but not all the water it can hold. Therefore it is not fulfilled. What will you do to solve the problem?" The teacher’s desire was to illustrate that he could teach them only so much, but they would have to seek knowledge on their own.

One of the students began to think about how and where they could obtain more water so that their cups could be fulfilled. He said, "Master, I must find more water."

The other student turned his cup over on its side and the water ran across the table and began spilling on the floor. The teacher, calm and thoughtful, asked the student how this was a solution.

The student said, "Laying on its side, the cup is now holding all the water it is able."

That day, the teacher found a replacement student.

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