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So yesterday I went across the road to Jumbos Takeaways. Just as an aside have you ever noticed that just about every town in New Zealand has a ‘Jumbo’s Takeaway’s’ it’s like the franchise that you have when you’re not having a franchise. There was one in Stoke where I grew up, it wasn’t painted pink though and incidentally there’s even one in Winton. You will also know that the ultimate meal at any Jumbo’s Takeaway is the Jumbo Burger.

Within the Jumbo Burger are two great examples of commitment, let’s have a look, the bun, no that's a contribution, they cost very little, flour, water, butter, the pineapple ring no that’s a tropical contribution, next a contribution from the garden, the lettuce, well that’s just really a healthy guilt alleviating space filler, one of the five plus a day, the same with the tomato another contribution, the sauce hardly worth thinking about, the egg nope that’s just a contribution chooks lay them almost every day.

Found them the commitment is the meat patty and the bacon! This is commitment! This cost the pig and the cattle beast dearly.

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