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There’s a phrase in military aviation which goes like this: "The accident already occurred, we're just waiting for the plane to arrive at the crash site." What does that mean? It means the accident occurred miles before the actual accident occurred, when the pilot or a member of the flight crew made a fatal decision, or there was something mechanical which was already wrong with the plane. This is when the accident actually occurred; now it's a matter of time until the plane arrives to the actual crash site. The fatal accident occurred back here, it's just going to take time to arrive at it’s final destination.

This is precisely what happened to the nation of Israel, when Solomon was the pilot. He made a series of fatal decisions which were very important to God. However, the impact wasn’t immediately felt, but they would be felt years later, which guaranteed the future crash of the nation of Israel.

(From a sermon by Michael Deutsch, The Kingdom Torn in Two, 8/29/2011)

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