Sermon Illustrations

The authenticity of Worship can be discerned if we really knew what was happening in the spiritual realm while we worship. At a certain point in our life, amidst great persecution from the enemy, as we worshipped the Lord with songs of praise and thanksgiving, my wife saw very few angels appearing on the scene after the worship and often the presence of the enemy rather than Jesus. This confused and perplexed us. We asked Jesus why this was so and the Holy Spirit pointed out that the quality of the worship determines the outcome and results. In Family worship, the enemy distracts often children and they do not take part in the worship, which dulls the quality of the worship. The tactics of the enemy are very subtle and their aim is to make the worship powerless. They may irritate infants/babies making then cry excessively and spoil the effectiveness of the worship. Spirits of laziness, irritation, anger, lethargy and others may try to dull the worship. Not only family worship. Church worship loses its effectiveness because of the nonparticipation of certain members. Nonparticipation does not necessarily mean they do not sing/pray. They may do all that but their mind is somewhere else. Like a few days back in our church worship, things did not seem to be flowing smoothly though we were praising with songs. On inquiring of the Lord He showed my wife through a vision that all but one of the church members were sitting around a table enjoying a banquet in the presence of Jesus. One sat aloof (not with us) eating his own food. Unless the mind of each member is on Christ during worship, the effectiveness and eventually the outcome suffers.

When the Holy Spirit taught us these things, we put a renewed effort in our family worship and the results were really breathtaking. As soon as we worshipped the Lord with all our body, mind, spirit, soul and strength and concentrated on Jesus in worship, the presence of the angels of God just increased by leaps and bounds. The whole house was filled with angels and the presence of Jesus was instantaneous. An enemy approached but could not get through anywhere near us for such was the enormous presence of the angels of God.