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A survey conducted by the Christian Science Monitor found that atheists and agnostics and Jews and Mormons were among the highest scoring groups who took a 32 question survey of religious knowledge. On average Americans scored 16 of 32 correct. Atheists and agnostics averaged 20.9 of 32 correct. Jews scored 20.5 and Mormons scored 20.3 correct out of 32. Protestants averaged 16 correct and Catholics scored 14.7 correct answers. It is actually a pretty simple quiz... I scored 31 out of 32 so it can't be too tough. Non-the-less the quiz focused on one's knowledge of different major religions and the major distinctive of each.

One question asked, "Which of these major religious groups traditionally teaches that salvation comes through faith alone?" "Only Protestant Christians" was the correct answer.

Obviously Christ is a polarizing religious figure in the world. Then and now, some people are receptive to Jesus and others are not in the least.

In his sermon "The Great Polarizer," Kent Edwards says, "Like a magnet, Jesus will attract or repel people."

(From a sermon by Monty Newton, All Paths Lead to God...Not! 5/5/2012)

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