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Jeff Ingle tells the story of spending four days with 75 other pastors in a Pastor's Prayer Summit in Wisconsin.

He writes, "In my time I've been to many camps, conferences and retreats but never have I been to anything like this. For four days, we met together with no agenda but worshiping God. There were no sermons, no bulletins, and no set program. We simply gathered in a large circle and waited for God to speak to us. Sometimes we sang together, sometimes we bowed in silent prayer, often we prayed together.

"On the second day, the leaders put a chair in the middle of the circle and offered pastors a chance to ask for prayer for their personal needs. I saw pastors weeping over their sins and grown men embracing each other with words of healing and forgiveness. It was an awesome experience for me personally.

"On our last night there, someone spontaneously prayed, 'Lord, wouldn't it be great if what happened here could happen every day to every man when we go back home.' And then he writes, "It would, wouldn't it. Why can't we have an experience of God every day? Whatever answer you give to that question, just remember that God is not the problem. He's always ready to meet you day or night." And we get a chance when we worship Him daily and spend time with Him daily.

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