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Harry Reider tells a story about the first car that he ever owned. He was sixteen years old and his father took him to a car auction and bought a pink car for $75. It was a 1957 Ford that his dad insisted that the color was really "coral." "I can't drive a pink car to school!" to which his father replied, "Son, a poor ride is better than a proud walk." Harry said that his dad said it so convincingly that he figured it was probably somewhere in the Bible.

Then his dad opened the hood and to Harry's surprise was a 390 engine that had two four-barrel carburetors. The car had been a South Carolina highway patrol car and therein was the reason for the engine. The often referred to "police interceptor." There was no other engine that was as powerful as this one.

Harry said there were some very interesting things that happened when Corvettes or other high-end roadsters would pull up beside his pink '57 Ford at red lights. The drivers in the other cars would sneeringly look over at him and Harry would just nod and then turn his attention back to the light. When the light changed, he would shock them by leaving them in the dust. Harry's car didn't look like...

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