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Thomas Manton:

Meditation on Scripture supplies us in prayer. Barrenness and leanness of soul is a very great defect, which God's children often complain of. One great reason is because the Word of God doth not dwell plenteously in them, so that in every prayer we are to seek. If the heart were often exercised in the Word, the promises would hold up our hearts in prayer, enlarge our affections, and we should be better able to pour out our spirits before Him. . . when the heart is full, the tongue will be loosed and speak freely. What is the reason we are so dumb and tongue-tied in prayer? Because our heart is so barren. When the spring is dry, there will be little water in the stream: Ephesians 6:17, 'Take the sword of the Spirit, that is the word of God;' then presently, 'praying with all manner of supplication.' When we have a good store of the Word of God, it will burst out in prayer.

(From a sermon by Philip Harrelson, A Clean Life With a Hidden Deposit, 5/14/2012)

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