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Deep in the Arabian desert is a small fortress. It stands on the edge of the desert. It was at this place that Thomas Lawrence, also known as “Lawrence of Arabia”, used to seek shelter. Though it wasn’t a beautiful place, it was a great place because of its security. It was loaded with food supplies and had plenty of water.

When under attack, often by superior forces, Lawrence would retreat to the fort and be able to defend himself and rely upon the supplies of the fort. His enemies would run out of supplies and the elements would start taking their toll and the enemy would have to retreat.

What happened at that fort is the strength of the fort became the strength of those who occupied it. But for that fort to be able to provide protection for Lawrence, what did he have to do? He had to go inside the fort.

And the same thing is true for us. God has plenty of provisions for us to be able to thrive and make a difference in our homes and in our workplaces and in our schools. But for us to take advantage of those provisions, we must allow ourselves to be placed in His care; we must allow Christ to carry us into the fort.

From a sermon by Erik Estep,Hit Me with Your Best Shot, 5/16/2012

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