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ILL. Dad was dying of something similar to Alzheimer’s. He was very violent, dangerous and in a great deal of trouble in his home town where he had been Fire Chief. The County didn't want to, but left with no other option committed him to a lock-down unit where he would remain for the rest of his life. I couldn't stomach the idea, and since he was only violent and dangerous to family members, I went to spring him from the joint. The County was glad for another option. When I busted him out, he was the happiest man on earth. He couldn't comprehend how a town to which he had dedicated his whole life could turn on him in such a horrible way. He felt that I rescued him. I pretended we were doing something wrong when I came to get him for our flight because because in order to make our schedule I had to pick him up at 3:00 am. He hadn't slept a wink. I told him to not look suspicious. That only caused a big boyish grin to cover his whole face. We were the two guys waiting at the train station in the movie "The Great Escape". High Adventure to him--great fear for me. I didn't know how I would care for him.

I laugh about it now, but motivated by gratitude he kept saying on that plan ride, "Scott, when we get to Greenville SC, I’m going to buy you the biggest, fastest BMW they make.” He didn’t understand that I was going to have to make decisions based on his best interests and not based on what he would demand. It wasn't long before he became very angry with me. He would wave his hands in front of him as a sign that the two of us were finished, while saying, “Scott, the BMW is out! The BMW is out!” —Over and over.

At anytime, God could have said to Israel, “You didn’t do what I told you to do. The BMW is out!” It probably would have even been the smart move on God's part.

Why it would not have even been out of line.

But God held no grudges. He only had good plans to prosper His people. He wasn’t done with them yet!

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