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Stanley went to a psychiatrist. "Doc," he said, "I've got trouble. Every time I get into bed, I think there's somebody under it. I get under the bed, I think there's somebody on top of it. Top, under, top, under ... you gotta help me, I'm going crazy!"

"Just put yourself in my hands for two years," said the doctor. "Come to me three times a week, and I'll cure your fears."

"How much do you charge?"

"A hundred dollars per visit."

"I'll think about it," said Stanley.

Six months later the doctor met Stanley on the street. "Why didn't you ever come to see me again?" asked the psychiatrist.

"For a hundred bucks a visit? A friend cured me for ten dollars."

"Is that so! How?"

"He told me to cut the legs off the bed!"

Most of us, though, have fears which are much more difficult to overcome -- fear of failure, fear of dying, fear of letting others down, fear of living alone, just to name a few. And, as you read through the Bible, you see that fear is not unique to those of us in the 21st century. One phrase that reappears over and over throughout the Bible is the phrase, "Do not be afraid."

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