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To Dinh Trung was arrested more than 25 times for preaching the gospel in rural Vietnam. During his 24th imprisonment, in 1991, he was deprived of food for 12 days. He said: "In prison, I worshipped the Lord a lot, praying and singing in a room by myself. My room was the prison toilet."

After 12 days, village authorities dragged Trung before a people's court. "I became bold and grabbed the microphone," he said. "I said, 'for the Lord's sake, because of his name, I am willing to die.' The police grabbed the microphone back, exclaiming, 'Once again, you want to preach the gospel."

The next time Trung was arrested, he spent three years in prison. While in prison he helped lead many prisoners to Christ. One day, prison officials offered to release Trung early, but Trung surprised them by replying, "I demand my right to complete my prison sentence." He wanted to spend more time leading prisoners to Christ and teaching new converts.

(from Voice of the Martyrs)

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