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The movie "Life of Pi" is a deeply religious film. The story opens with a discussion between a writer and a man from India who shares a fascinating story. The man has come to Pi because a friend told him that "Pi has a story that will make you believe in God." Pi tells the story of his life, and a terrible tragedy that happens to him.

His parents are zoo-keepers. They board a freighter with all the animals to transporting them to Canada. While at sea, the cargo ship sinks and Pi escapes alone on a raft with four of the animals, including an adult Bengal tiger. He vividly tells the story of surviving on the raft, and that the Tiger was ultimately responsible for keeping him alive.

The story ends with Pi describing how officials from the shipping came to his hospital room to find out what happened and how the ship sunk. The officials didn't believe his story of the tiger and animals stranded with him on the raft. Pi then offers them a different version of what happened.

The second version that he tells them is much more believable. In this version, four people made it off the sinking ship and onto the raft. One of them died horribly from his injuries and his flesh used for fishing bait. Another was killed by a mean cook. Pi's mother was also killed by the cook and then Pi killed the cook and remained on the raft until he was rescued.

Pi then tells the writer the meaning of the story. Pi states, "I've told you two stories. Neither explains the reason for our horrible suffering. No one can proove either story. In both stories the results are the same. So which STORY do you believe?

"Life of PI" is not a movie made to tell you the story of a...

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