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As a boy I saw an advertisement in a comic book that appealed to my scientific nature. The product being offered for sale was called a "miracle plant." The ad declared that the plant would be dead when received by the purchaser; but when placed in water, it would soon "miraculously" return to life!

I ordered this wonder of nature, and sure enough, when it arrived it looked absolutely dead, with leaves that were brown, dry and brittle. I placed it in a pan of water and expectantly waited. I'm not sure how long it took, but lo and behold: as the water was absorbed into this plant, it actually did "come to life" again, becoming green and soft. I had worked a miracle!

I have learned since that this is actually called a "resurrection plant." This natural phenomenon is a good illustration of the supernatural working of the HS in the event of regeneration. We enter the baptismal waters with a soul that is dry and brittle and lifeless because of sin; and in that moment when the body is immersed in the water, our soul is spiritually immersed in the Living Water and is infused with new spiritual life.

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