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Eugene Peterson:

"She came to see me at the recommendation of a friend. She had been troubled for years, seeing psychiatrists and not getting any better. The consultation had been arranged on the telephone so that when she walked into my study it was as a first meeting. Her opening statement was, 'Well, I guess you want to know all about my sex life- that’s what all the psychiatrists want to know.'

"I answered, 'If that is what you want to talk about I’ll listen. What I would really be interested in finding out about, though, is your prayer life.'

"She didn't think I was serious, but I was. I was interested in the details of her prayer life for the same reason that her psychiatrists had been interested in the details of her sex life--to find out how she handled intimate relationships.

What do sexuality and prayer have in common? These are both aspects of a beautiful thing called intimacy.

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