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In his book Life Looks Up, Charles Templeton remarks how ironic it is that the course of human history has been affected so positively and negatively by events that have occurred in two small upper rooms. One of them is a drab apartment in London's Westside, dirty, curtain less, with stacks of articles on the table and worn manuscripts. Seated at a table a man labors over a writing, a writing that would overthrow governments, enslave millions of people, and affect the course of history for several generations. The man: Karl Marx; his writing: Das Kapital, the handbook for the Communist revolution.

But there's another upper room that also figures in the course of human history: this one located in one of the oldest cities of the world, Jerusalem, and here also there was a table. 13 gather at this table to share a meal and to hear the words of a man whose love and sacrifice would make an eternal impact on human history.

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