Sermon Illustrations

There are God-given keys for success in ministry, employing science, philosophy or marketing principles is pure aberration.

1. Courage, strength of character and addiction to the word of God. Josh1:4-10.

2. Vision and patience. Hab2:2-3.

3. Willingness and selflessness. 1Pet5:1-4.

4. Separation. Dan1:8-20; Isa52:11-12.

5. Anointing and boldness. Jer1:4-10.

6. Patience and wisdom. 1Sam13:6-14; Eccl10:10b

7. Absolute obedience. 1Sam15:22-24.

8. Faith. Heb11; Dan3:8-30.

NB: The list is in no way exhaustive nor in any particular order.

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