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Picture your ancestors as plantation farmers in the South. They have many acres of farmland and need to manage those crops. To help them accomplish this task, they go to the docks and buy a family of slaves to do the work around the farm, thus becoming the first slave owners in your family. Generations pass and you are now operating that farm and as it is, the original family your ancestors bought, have descendants that still work for you as slaves. One day, you and one of those slaves have a conversation about the fact that you have wronged them by making them slaves. You indicate it wasn’t you that made them slaves you just inherited the situation and therefore can’t be blamed. However, the fact is you have still wronged them by continuing in the custom of maintaining the slaves. It is similar with us and original sin. Adam was the first man who committed the first sin. We are guilty of the same sin because we continue in the custom of sinning that Adam started. Therefore, we are guilty of original sin, not because we committed the original sin but because we continue to sin confirming we have a sin nature and because of that sin nature.

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