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I had a preacher friend, Carl Etchinson, who had several children. These children grew up and then began having children so Carl had many grandchildren. One of his sons was having another baby. The baby was born late at night and Carl’s son did not call Carl. They forgot the next morning to call Carl. Finally, in the afternoon Carl found out about the baby through a church member who called on the phone and congratulated him on the birth of another grandchild. Carl called his son and was upset. The son said, “Well, dad, we apologize for not calling but you already have so many grandchildren. We thought another grandchild would not mean that much to you.” Carl said, “Yes, I have many grandchildren, but this child is also my grandchild and I want to love that grandchild. Even though I have many, that does not mean that I love this one less.”

Sometimes we have the idea that God has so many children that surely he is not that concerned with me. A hymn says this, “Savior, Savior, Hear my humble cry! While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by.” We might think this at times, but that is not how God is. He will not pass us by as Christians. He loves us and is concerned about us. Even though he has many children, this does not mean that this lessens his love, it enhances it.

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