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In the movie called the Matrix there is one of the best encouragements to share our Faith with others that I have ever seen. The Spiritual leader of that rag tag bunch goes by the name of Morpheus and the young deliverer who he believes is the promised one goes by the name of Neo. Needless to say not everyone, actually most everybody doesn’t share his enthusiasm concerning Neo and the prophesies of his coming to the rescue. In one scene as Morpheus is standing before the council and asked to defend his actions, he is confronted by the military antagonist in the movie who says to Morpheus ""Not everyone believes what you believe Morpheus". Very calmly and boldly Morpheus replies "My Faith doesn’t require that they do". Wow, what a statement, I totally agree with that. My Faith isn’t built upon the notion that I have to convince others. My Faith isn’t weakened when someone else says they don’t believe. My Faith doesn’t change to suit the climate of the current culture. You see My Faith is built upon my relationship with Jesus Christ. My Faith is demonstrated when I share with others who Jesus Christ is to me, what he is doing in my life and how I trust him with my future. Don’t allow the world to define your Faith. God Bless you all as you become the Hands and Feet of Jesus.

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