Sermon Illustrations

Looking for Something?

Mat 6:33

When we need answers to life’s questions where do we look? There certainly isn’t any shortage of information on the internet these days. You can find almost any answer to any question or help with whatever you are struggling with. But, is it the right answer?

This Easter I was reminded of a story about a small church in the western part of the state. For many years the annual Easter Egg Hunt had seen a decline in attendance. The committee decided to appoint a local football coach as the planning chairperson. He quickly decided what was needed was a competition with a large trophy and tee shirts as well as other prizes.

They advertised for two weeks, and then the Saturday before Easter was the big hunt. The committee started to get worried, kids where coming from all over. Car after car showed up and before you know it there were hundreds of kids. The committee was nervous that there would not be nearly enough eggs hidden, but it was too late to worry about it now.

In all of the excitement they lost track of Caroline. As the kids came to have their bounty counted people started to wonder where she was. There were a few anxious moments until her parents saw her coming across the field. Her basket was weighted down so much she couldn’t carry.

As she dragged it along the committee members started to gather and wonder how this little girl had beaten everyone and collected such an amount of eggs. Once she was at the check-in station she heaved the heavy basket up on stage in front of the coach.

As he looked down at it he noticed that that there was not one colored egg in there. Caroline guessing he was questioning what he saw she told him she went to the chicken farm next door and gathered them from the chickens.

We always find something similar to what we are looking for but it is never totally right. Jesus offers us the right place to look; to Him.

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