Sermon Illustrations


Any thief knows that the easiest way to steal gasoline from a car is to siphon it from the other guy’s tank into your own. Stick a rubber hose in his gas tank, suck on the other end of the rubber hose until you get a mouth full of the gas, then spit it out. From then on, the gasoline will flow into your tank.

Makes perfect sense, right?

Well, not to a thief in Seattle. The young thief decided to siphon gas from Dennis Quigley’s motor home. When Dennis, who was inside the motor home when it happened, heard the noises outside, he investigated the situation only to find the thief curled up on the ground vomiting violently. What in the world happened?

The thief made a serious mistake. Intending to suck up the gasoline from the gas tank, he somehow put his hose into the wrong hole on the RV.........and, unfortunately, sucked up the sewage tank instead!!!!

The dumb thief turned out to be a teenage boy, age 14. However, he will not be prosecuted and charges will not be pressed. Dennis and the police agree that he has suffered enough already!!!

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