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Corrie Ten Boom’s father was being pursued by German authorities for housing Jews, which was a punishable crime under Hitler. He had to hurry away from the home one evening after packing his bag for a long, unknown trip to hide away. At the train station and in the middle of a highly tense moment, little Corrie wanted her father’s attention. She wasn’t sure when he would be back and she just had to ask him a question.

"Dad, I have a question for you," she said. "Okay, Corrie, but please hurry, the train is coming," said Dad.

"Well, I want you to tell me about the facts of life before you leave us" she blurted out.

Corrie’s father was stunned and then he knelt down by his little girl.

"Child, I first want you to do something for me. I want you to pick up my baggage for the trip," replied Mr. Ten Boom.

Corrie tried hard to lift the bag but could not. The she said, "Daddy, I am just a little girl. That bag is too heavy for me to carry."

Her father put his arm around his little girl and said, "Corrie, the question you asked me is also too heavy for you to carry right now. When the time is right......your Father will tell you."

Sometimes we ask God some really heavy questions and we never seem to get the answer we want. Just know that He might be putting His arm around you right now and whispering to your heart, "That question is too heavy for you to carry right now.....but one day, when the time is right, your Father in Heaven will help you to understand."

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