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There was a Girl in India, who was doing her school final. She was born and brought in the Non-Christian Faith. She had severe problems about the existence of Life. She was raising so many questions within herself. She couldn't find a suitable answer to her life. She searched her religious books and observed all festival and special days, performed various prayers and participated in good works. However her life was miserable, her heart was empty.

Because of her poverty she taught tuition to the young child in a house which was very nearer to her house. Who were happened to be born again Christians. She observed that they were happy and peaceful. They shared the Gospel with her, she accepted the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior.

She was opposed and persecuted by her own Mother for the faith she had. Her mother was possessed by Evil Spirits. However the Girl was very firm in the Lord and prayed for the Salvation of the entire family. Then slowly her mother accepted Christ, then her two younger sisters. Finally her Father too. All became born again Christians.

Now that Girl is doing Full time ministry as ordained Pastor of a major denominational Church after her theological training.

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