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The word of God is Alive

Half a century ago, in one of the Indian villages, there was a family. the family size was five( Husband, wife and three children). The Husband was a drunkard and notorious man. His wife was a home maker and simple lady. The man had all kinds of bad habits such as drinking, fighting in the streets, cheating and beating wife. He used to quarrel with his wife almost every day.

One day he took a sharp knife and killed his wife at the culmination of their argument and fight. He was imprisoned for a life time – for sixteen years. Their three children became orphans. They had two boys and a girl. The girl baby was just one and half years when she lost her mother. The boys were ten and eight years old respectively. These children were brought up by their maternal grandparents. Due to poverty, the older son discontinued his education, however, the second son continued his education with much struggles.

The man became a prisoner and he was serving the Vellore central Prison. He had witnessed the preachers who had come into the prison to tell the love of Jesus and pray for the prisoners. He approached that evangelist to help his children to continue their studies. The evangelist promised him that he will take his three children into a Christian Boarding School. Finally, he succeed by taking his second son and the daughter. The first son had already discontinued his education, therefore he couldn’t help him.

However, that girl did not accept Jesus Christ but the second son accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. He committed himself into the full time ministry. He was sent out of the hostel after five years after his 12th grade. Then he continued his graduation at Vellore Voorhees College. After graduation he joined the Operation Mobilization for Evangelistic ministry.

He joined Methodist Church in 1990 and was sponsored for theological Studies, he went to Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur for his Theological formation. He was awarded 20 academic awards for his excellent performance in his studies. And he received the university Medal for NT Studies in the 1995 batch of the Serampore University, Kolkata. After his completion of BD studies he was ordained as Pastor in the Chennai Regional Conference after the due examinations and scrutiny of his candidature. Now He serves as a Senior Pastor of Anna Nagar Methodist Church in Chennai, India. Further he had done his M.S.W, M. Phil and pursues his Ph.D.

He is married to Uma who is also a Pastor. He is blessed with two daughters. Who can understand the way of the Lord? The boy is no one else than the author of this article.

May the name of the Lord be glorified.

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