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The Fundamental Laws of motion designed by the all-wise God (discovered and revealed to us by Sir Issac Newton) says that we move forward whilst walking or running not just by exerting the force on earth with our feet by ourselves but by the propulsive force which the earth exerts in return when we first exert force on it. How true in the spiritual realm also!!! Simply put, the act of Gospel advancement by the spiritually vibrant Christians’ (the words are used advisedly here for the spiritually vibrant Christians like Apostle Paul alone can do the same) is always countered by the resisting forces of Evil. Simply put Gospel advancement is essentially “a fight between the liberating truth on one side and the lies of the Devil on the other”. How often in Christian history, we have witnessed the persecutions breaking out. But has it registered on us that these persecutions prima-facie exerting pressure in the opposite direction to the Gospel advancement have actually induced further beneficial growth of the persecuted Christians (Romans 5:3-4/James 1:2). Truth be told, minus the persecutions Apostle Paul or the genuine Christians’ of different stages of human history would not have grown spiritually (in Christ-like qualities like meekness, gentleness and exemplary patience) to an extent desired by the Master.

Persecuted Church like in the times of cruel Roman Emperors’ of say Nero or Domitian had always been an healthy Church but with the arrival of Church –favoring Emperor Constantine (good for him that he accepted Christ) the Church became constantly a back-sliding one slipping into the Dark ages before the God-inspired reformation wrought by Martin Luther.

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