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"Eagle Vision And Dependability" written by Christi Harken from Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA

Birds of all kinds can see where they are going. They pick and choose their direction and path. As birds fly by instinct they head where they are directed. But they can only see what is in front of them.

Eagles are known to have vision. An eagle can see up to five miles and often times is able to see well beyond normal sight. The eagle knows where it is going and determines how it is going to get there. While other birds migrate by instinct the eagle stays in its territory

throughout the year, season after season.

The eagle is dependable and will hold its place in its territory. When a storm approaches, other birds fly in fear while the eagle is energized by the challenge of the storm. The eagle catches the wind and rises above the storm. The eagle glides through its territory during the storm and will only leave its post if it is badly hurt and must

leave to repair its injuries.

I believe God is looking for men and women of vision “who can see”...

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