Sermon Illustrations

Scripture: Ezekiel 17:3b

“A great eagle with broad wings full of many-colored feathers came to

Lebanon. He took hold of the highest branch of a cedar tree”

"Twigs" written by Chris Harken from Maple Grove, Minnesota USA

A female eagle has an interesting way of picking a mate. She will pick

up a twig and fly high into the air and drop it. Male eagles will fly

beneath her and try to catch the twig. She will do this until a male

has caught the twig three times.

The reason is the female is testing the male for his ability to catch

young eagles as they are directed out of the nest for flight. When its

time for the young eagle to fly on its own the mother eagle pushes her

young out of the nest. She carries the young eaglets on her back up

high into the air and shakes them off. It is the responsibility of the

father to swoop down and catch the young eaglets until they learn to

fly on their own.

Just as the female eagle is testing the male for his reliability, a

believer will be tested by God in his or her faithfulness and


Similarly in our walk with God we often times run into difficult

situations that require us to make decisions. These decisions...

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