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“Too Big To Miss”

The story’s told in the Bible about a mighty king. And how when he was just a little boy he played around with a sling. Well he got up early one morning and before the sun had set that day, a nasty ol’ giant had lost his head and his body lay cold on the clay.

When David went out to the battlefield his big brother said, “Stay away! You’ve got no business out here, David, so go back home and play!” David said, “Step aside, boys. I’m gonna take that giant on!” His brother said, “Obey your elders David; get back home where you belong!”

David said, “That giant ain’t gonna make fun of MY God and King! I’m gonna find me five smooth stones and play awhile with my sling! I’m gonna challenge that devil in the Name of the Lord; and when he’s dead I’m gonna take my sword, chop of his head and let the world know that Jehovah is the Lord!”

His brother said, “Listen little David, you ain’t thinkin’ straight. That giant up there’s too big to hit, and your body he will mutilate!” David said, “Listen big brother; I’ve seen worse than this. That giant up there ain’t...

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