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Bishop Lindsey’s Story

I recently had the opportunity to hear our Bishop, Lindsey Davis, speak. He is an avid golfer, so much so in fact that when we went to Augusta for the North Ga Conference meeting they gave him a green jacket – I’m not sure why – I’m kidding I do know the significance of a green jacket in Augusta. Anyway, Bishop Davis he liked to think of himself as a natural golfer. He didn’t need lessons or anyone to help him with his game.

Until this year, this summer he said his game had gone south so he gave in and signed up for lessons. When he arrived at the club for the lessons he was greeted by what he thought was a young boy only it turned out to be the golf pro. Then this young boy took him out to teach him golf and the golf pro began setting up all this video equipment. By this point Bishop Davis was beginning to become a little frustrated. He had humbled himself and come up to improve his golf game and this young boy was busy taking videos. The golf pro instructed him to take a couple of swings at the ball. When Bishop Davis had taken what he thought was a pretty good swing,

The golf pro took him inside to a computer screen. By this time Bishop Davis was beginning to think he had wasted a lot of time and money. The young golf pro pulled Bishop Davis and his swing up on the screen and then split the screen and place a video of Tiger Woods and his swing on the other side of the screen. Slowly and painfully Bishop Davis said the golf pro went through and compared Bishop Davis swing to Tiger Woods swing – pointing out all of Bishop Davis flaws in his execution.

When all was said and done, Bishop Davis asked the pro what was the root of his problem and the young pro hemmed and hawed a bit before he told the Bishop, “you have a stagnant bottom, sir.”

A stagnant bottom! The Bishop said he expected a dropped shoulder, a lazy hand grip, or wrong placement of the club but a stagnant bottom! The pro went on to say “Yes sir, you see when you execute your swing your back side if you will just kind of sits there and does nothing and if you really want to experience the full power of your swing then you have...

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