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2024 Preaching Calendar Thumbnail

52-weeks of Biblical sermon manuscripts for 2024

  • Discover the newest premium sermons and series
  • Pastors who love Scripture trust these sermon outlines
  • Publish your church calendar with clear direction and a flexible plan
2024 Preaching Calendar

2024 Lectionary Preaching Calendar (Year B)

  • A 52-week preaching plan for your church
  • Align your services with the Liturgical Calendar
  • Preach from the Gospel readings in the Revised Common Lectionary
2024 Lectionary Calendar
2024 Lectionary Preaching Calendar Thumbnail
Topical Sermon Calendar Thumbnail

Topical sermon calendars to preach to your church

  • Biblical depth to help you lead your people toward godliness
  • Creative theming and styles that speak to everyone in your church
  • Complete manuscripts ready for you to personalize and preach today
Topical Sermon Calendar

Holiday sermon calendars for special occasions

  • Unique preaching ideas to make holiday service special
  • Encourage invitations with special promotional images and videos
  • Powerful holiday sermons with stunning visuals for your church
Holiday Sermon Calendar
Holiday Sermon Calendar Thumbnail
Expositional Sermon Calendar Thumbnail

Expositional sermon calendar for solid preaching

  • Customizable verse-by-verse teaching and in-depth book studies
  • Preach the whole counsel of God as you teach through the Scripture
  • Honor the full context in your preaching with expository sermons
Expositional Sermon Calendar

A better way to plan your preaching calendar

Set a clear direction for discipleship through the Scripture

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