Sermon Series
  • 1. 1 Spirit

    Contributed on Jan 17, 2013

    In this passage, the apostle gives four characteristics of believers who live in “1 Spirit” of Christ in their: 1) Status in Christ (Philippians 1:27a), 2) Standing firm in Him (Philippians 1:27b); 3) Sharing with one another because of Him (Philippians

    Try to imagine yourself in the role of a mum or dad living in the 1920s, before our modern means of communication were readily available to everyone. You are standing on the platform of a railway station, and your seventeen-year-old daughter is leaning out of a train window. The whistle blows and more

  • 2. 1 Purpose

    Contributed on Jan 21, 2013

    1)The Elements of Purposeful Unity (Philippians 2:1) 2) The Essence of Purposeful Unity (Philippians 2:2a), 3)The Expression of Purposeful Unity (Philippians 2:2b)

    It’s not too difficult to see the effect of strife. Internationally, we see conflict and hostage taking. In North America, we just came out of a hockey lockout after many months of people not working. In Canada, native blockages have meant disrupted travel, and shipping. In Ontario, many more

  • 3. 1 Hope

    Contributed on Jan 27, 2013

    Believers in Christ have “1 Hope” for we await: 1) A New Home (Philippians 3:20) and 2) A New Body (Philippians 3:21)

    Ottawa is probing reports that two Canadians were among the terrorists who were killed during the Algerian hostage crisis at a natural gas plant that authorities suspect was an inside job. Up to five of the al Qaeda-linked terrorists involved in the bloody hostage taking, which left at least 81 more

  • 4. 1 Secret

    Contributed on Feb 5, 2013

    We can find the “1 Secret” to contentment for:1) A Contented Person Is Satisfied with Little (Philippians 4:11), 2) A Contented Person Is Independent from Circumstances (Philippians 4:12) and, 3) A Contented Person Is Strengthened by Divine Power (Philipp

    It has been said that dissatisfaction may be the most common feature of the bestselling Christian books. See if this sounds familiar: Christians generally all want to be great for God and do things that would be impossible without His presence and help, to live a life that’s Greater. We are more