Sermon Series
  • 1. Good News Of Great Joy

    Contributed on Nov 29, 2016

    It is our job to make sure the people in our lives see an authentic person of faith who can explain why Jesus is important and how He can save them from the consequences of sin. Let us be the messengers of “Good News of Great Joy!”

    1ST SUNDAY OF ADVENT GOOD NEWS OF GREAT JOY LUKE 2:8-14 #NBCCADVENT2016 INTRODUCTION VIDEO… (2:48) It is my hope that after watching the previous song that you have laughed so hard that your stomach hurts. Believe it or not, the song does have some high more

  • 2. It's Time For Tinsel!

    Contributed on Nov 29, 2016

    The Sovereign God that we serve has an eternal will that is done perfectly and nothing gets in the way of that. God always moves pieces into place in His timing. God’s will is perfect. Here is the truth for us: Trust in God’s Plan.

    2nd SUNDAY OF ADVENT “IT’S TIME FOR TINSEL!” MATTHEW 1:1-16 #NBCCAdvent2016 CHRISTMAS TREE TINSEL STORY (P) Once upon a time there was a family that decided to decorate for Christmas. The centerpiece of the decorations for their home was the Christmas Tree. The father more